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The Three Brothers Bathtub Lebanese Gin

The Three Brothers Bathtub Gin

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The Three Brothers Bathtub Gin is the result of an American production style of gin with local Lebanese ingredients utilizing Juniper berries and 21 other botanical products in the maceration and infusion process.

Distilled 6 times to ensure a Premium quality and taste. The result is a gin profile so unique in its conception, it cannot be replicated.

This Bathtub Gin is handcrafted in batches with natural local produce selectively handpicked after years of trial and error to formulate a blend suitable for a classic gin profile.



Juniper, carob fruit, jujube fruit, olive leaves, coriander seeds, rose petals, cedars leaves, pine barks, hawthorn leaves, pistachio, grapefruit peel, lavender, grapefruits, red apples and cinnamon...