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Miel de Tierra Joven Mezcal

Miel de Tierra Joven Mezcal

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Miel de Tierra Joven is made with Blue Tequilana Weber agave that takes 8 years to reach maturity. This mezcal is produced more similarly to modern tequila, using a mechanical shredder, autoclave oven, and a copper pot still. There’s a faint whiff of smoke, which leads to notes of baked pineapple, raw pepper, and a light hint of vanilla.

Miel de Tierra Joven Mezcal Tasting Notes

Nose: A faint whiff of smoke quickly recedes to more refined flavors of baked pineapple, raw pepper, and a light, hint of vanilla in this gentle mezcal.

Palate: The palate has more sweetness and skews to fresh flavors of dry earth and butterscotch pudding as opposed to mesquite and brash mineral.

Finish: Long and rich.