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Miel de Tierra Anejo Mezcal

Miel de Tierra Anejo Mezcal

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The flagship of the Miel de Tierra line, this mezcal shows a long maturation in virgin local oak from the distillery’s home region of Zacatecas in north central Mexico. The agaves crafted here are not smoked and show a much more stately character to the wild, smoky spirits made further south in Oaxaca.

Nose: Although hints of agave spice penetrate the decadent nose of creme brûlées and acacia honey.

Palate: The palate of this luxurious mezcal is a tour-de-force of fresh pastry and golden raisin tones. A true hedonist’s take on agave that betrays no smoke or mesquite flavors and only a trickle of cinnamon candy on the tongue.

Finish: The oak tones are pleasant and well incorporated, but unfortunately at the sacrifice of any of agave’s more exotic flavors.