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Four Tips to Throw an Epic House Party

A house party is the ultimate social gathering. Unlike at a nightclub or a bar, you have total control over everything, so let’s make sure you throw a great one! Here are our top 4 tips to help you out:

1- Pick a theme, as every epic party has one! Get creative! 70’s flare pants only party, how about a pajama party?

2- Make a great music party playlist to keep all your guests dancing and feeling the good vibes!

3- Make introductions and break the ice, as you are usually the only person your guests have in common. Time for Fadi to meet Sara! ;)

4- Finally you can let Autobar take care of all the heavy lifting! When you order in bulk for a party or a large event, we will assist you with the beverage, glassware, and condiment quantities. Worry not, we will even return any remaining bottles. OH! And you also get a bigger discount for bulk orders!

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