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5 Reasons Autobar is a Must Try!


     Autobar is your one-stop liquor store, cocktails & fresh delivery service all in one. Did you know we’re also so much more?? What are we talking about, you ask? Well, here’s everything you need to know in our 5 reasons why Autobar is a must try!

    1- The bar is where you are. With Autobar, you can order any drink right to your doorstep!

    2- In addition to drinks, Autobar also has a wide collection of cocktails, available for delivery from 4 pm to 12 pm. This includes our 1.5L and 3L punches for your events!

    3- Planning a special event? With Autobar, you can actually book a bartender for it. We provide you with home-catering and a professional bartending service perfect for when you're hosting a busy night in. We will also assist you in your Bulk order beverage estimate quantities , bigger discounts as well as returning the remaining bottles.

    4- If you’re hosting an even bigger event, Autobar caravan is ready to come to you. It is delicately restored into a luxurious bar to serve all your events. 

    5- Finally, Jump Behind The Bar and learn some tricks and magic for yourself! Autobar allows you to actually learn the basics of bartending as well as make your favorite cocktails.

    Based on the info you provide us, we will choose 4 cocktails for you to make. Each cocktail will be done using a different bartending technique.


    Cin Cin! ;)