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Three House Cocktails to Enjoy at Home

With recent events binding us to our homes, and away from all the fun places; one  thinks of innovative ways to entertain themselves. Autobar is there for you to enjoy your  time with a few perfect mixtures of cocktails to add a little buzz to your days. Check  out our three of our House Cocktails you can enjoy today! 

Strawberry Martini Cocktail 

A mixture of white rum, Aperol, strawberry puree, blessed with some fresh strawberry,  lemon juice, and simple syrup like a cherry on top. If you’re in need of sweet delight to  entertain your night, this one’s for you. In for a try?


Rolling Stock Cocktail 

A little fun is much needed these days. This magical potion of Tequila reposado, Aperol, fresh lime wedges, brown sugar, and peach schnapps will definitely give the kick of fun  you need. Get your taste today!


Perfect Thyming Cocktail

The name says it all. Get your sip of ​Gin, mixed with some fresh grapefruit juice, lemon  juice, and touched with simple syrup and thyme. Consider it a sip of a fresh, healthy taste  of heaven. Order yours today!